Receive bitcoin to another wallet

Why can’t I directly receive the Bitcoin to another wallet?

Bitcoiners would love to stack sats (buy small amounts of Bitcoin) directly to their own external wallet. We would also love to provide this service! But unfortunately we can’t because of regulatory reasons. By law, we need to make sure that the sender of the money is also the receiver of the Bitcoin. We ensure this by creating your Relai Bitcoin wallet and linking it to your IBAN. If you provide us with an external Bitcoin address, we can’t verify whether it’s really yours or not, therefore it would be an illegal transaction.

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What is an order id?

Each order has its own number with which it can be identified.

Where can i find it?

1. Switch to the 1st tab (previously invested) where you can see all your investments.

2. Click on the order you want to know the order id of.

3. You will find in this overview the order id (marked green)