Not a problem as long as you have your 12 seed words that are provided in the Relai App under “BTC backup”. If you lose your phone or buy a new one, you can simply download the Relai App again on the new device and when you first open it, instead of “start” you press “restore”. You can then type in your 12 seed words and the IBAN you are using Relai with, and boom! Your Bitcoin balance and transaction history appears again like nothing happened. 😃

Are the seed words not accepted?

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What is an order id?

Each order has its own number with which it can be identified.

Where can i find it?

1. Switch to the 1st tab (previously invested) where you can see all your investments.

2. Click on the order you want to know the order id of.

3. You will find in this overview the order id (marked green)