Special features of Relai

What are the special features of Relai?

We made Relai to be as quick and simple to use as possible.

  1. You don’t need to make an account
  2. You don’t need to upload any identification documents – better for your privacy & security
  3. You don’t make a deposit with us, but buy directly from your bank account
  4. Other exchanges hold your bitcoin for you, with us, you are always in control of your
  5. No hidden or unexpected fees; our 3% commission includes everything
  6. It’s simple and easy to use

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What is an order id?

Each order has its own number with which it can be identified.

Where can i find it?

1. Switch to the 1st tab (previously invested) where you can see all your investments.

2. Click on the order you want to know the order id of.

3. You will find in this overview the order id (marked green)